Sunday, June 21, 2009


The word obedience has come up a few times for me this week. God not only calls us to love and believe, but also to obey. The scriptures tell us "do not quench the spirit". If we choose not to obey then that is quenching the spirit, sad but true. I wish sometimes God could change me to be more like Jesus at warp speed. However, I know that my life at times needs some pruning, and some changes take time.

Anything that is not of God in me I need to get rid of. Whether it is a bad attitude, cursing, etc. Not that perfection is obtainable by any means, but God has called us to be different. Let's face it,we are either authentic or we are not, that is the bottom line. God has set each christian apart for a reason and how we treat others matters to God.

One lesson I learned not too long ago was in the power of forgiveness. I cannot choose not to forgive. That is against Gods word. I cannot pick and choose what I like and want to apply from his word. I must obey what it says. He tells me to forgive, therefore I must obey and guess what? When I choose forgiveness I find freedom. God knows this. He should be the ultimate opinion we are seeking in our daily lives.

What is God telling you to do in obedience to him? Let me know I would love to hear your stories of obedience to God too. Believe, love, obey.